Planning a web site is fun! Proper planning helps make it even more enjoyable. Consider these basic steps outlined below to get started.
Logos: A logo says a lot about the nature of the site and the business transacted there. The logo is the recommended starting point for the rest of the design. If you have a logo, great! If not, you may want to brainstorm on some ideas. Ideally, the design of the site should be consistent with the logo.


1. Do you have a logo?


2. Is it web ready? (optimized as a gif or a jpeg)


3. Would you like us to create you a logo?


Needs Analysis: Start with a needs analysis to develop your site. Depending on how complicated the site, this can get quite extensive. We recommend that you address the following questions:


1. Who is your audience?


2. What kind of computer knowledge do they have?


3. Why will they use your site?


4. What are the user's expectations?


5. What is your goal in providing the site?


6. Are there any hardware issues such as connection speed, monitor size, and basic computer speed that you need to consider?


Site Map: The site map is a diagram of where you want to take the user through your site. On a piece of paper, make a flow chart showing where you are going to take the user. Your flow chart could be as simple as a set of boxes with arrows going to the different pages. Start with your home page. The home page can have links to take the user to additional pages in your site. Decide what topics you need to address and how many pages to include. Consider the content (text, photos, graphics, forms, etc.) that you will have on each page. Doing this beforehand helps answer questions about site architecture and also aids in choosing a navigation system and design layout. Content needs to play a role in the end design.

Sample MDI site map

If you have Microsoft Excel you can download this blank sample to get started.
Colors: Colors can say a whole lot. People associate colors with certain things. For example: a child may associate purple with the dinosaur, Barney. Adults may associate the same purple as the color of majesty or royalty. Sometimes a color scheme can be dictated due to a company logo (once again start with the logo).


1. Do you have any color schemes in mind? Which?


2. Would you like us to select a color set?


Budget: Considering your budget can help you determine how complex your site will be. Starting with the logo and needs analysis will help you determine your budget. We can work with your budget so that you get the best results for your dollar.


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